Connie B. is best known as an self made entrepreneur and investor but what many are just now discovering is that she is also an artist. Connie can be often heard saying "if its not fun, I'm not doing it". Building The Bhebhe Groupe may have started as fun however as business often gets, her daily endeavors quickly became all about meetings, content building and accounts. In her true nature, Connie made it her business to have more fun by returning to the very thing that first helped her build her confidence; music.

Connie performed "Un-break my heart" at her high school talent show in Montreal, Canada at age 14 and quickly over came stage freight. She went on to opening for award winning hiphop artist Chamillionaire at age 17 and travelled to Atlanta Georgia for signing and recording lessons. She then chose to focus her attention on her second love; business by dedicating her early 20's to writing her first self published self help book and building The Bhebhe Groupe companies before returning to music in 2016. 

Connie considers herself a real girl's girls. "I will tell women what they should know and embody not what they want to hear". My biggest pleasure is using my femininity, men are a muse to a woman like me and I think more women should embody femininity, at least for the sake of having fun. Her music is a combination of soft melodies plus playful conversation.


Photographer: Chris Mara

Musician: Connie aka Ms Connie