My name is Constance (Connie) Mapule Bhebhe. I was born in Zimbabwe to a South African father and a Zimbabwean mother. I lived in Zimbabwe until the age of 13 and that's when my family decided to move to Indianapolis, USA. After a few months my dad decided Canada was better suitable for us so we landed in Montreal, Quebec then later, Vancouver British Columbia. I grew up on the west coast where there weren't many girls that looked like me. Naturally I stood out and always felt "different". I still feel different. I am not a shy girl,  I can talk to just about anyone. I feel my happiest when I am on stage, at the gym or working.


When I was 10 years old my mother and I grew mushrooms from our backyard greenhouse. Our mushrooms where purchased by the local grocery chain and every few weeks I received my share from the harvest. During grade school in Zimbabwe, my mom and I also split fare profit from people who would ride with us to town. Its ironic that the very normal "rideshare" concept of traveling in Zim is where Travis Kalanic drew inspiration to create UBER. From an early age I learned that if I could offer a service or product to people, I could have money to spend on things I want. My first business after moving to Canada was buying furniture from liquidators and selling it on craigslist (Canada's Gumtree). My first week doing this made me over $1000 (USD) in profit so I was hooked.


My life changed when I was 23. I woke up one Thursday morning severely hungover and failed to recognize myself in the mirror. I know I was powerful enough to manifest some pretty cool things in my life (including my then dream apartment) but I was also watching myself giving into a lifestyle that wasn't bringing out the best in me. That morning I made a list of things I needed to do in order to get my life in order. That list turned into my first (and thus far, my only) published book; ModernPrincess - A Young Woman's Guide To Creating A Balanced Life.  This book outlined a guide for organization, skin care (I was fighting acne), weight loss, budgeting, starting a business and self love/ developing confidence. 


At age 23, I didn't know what my next chapter would be. Since then, I made a brave decision to move/travel to the other side of the world and have since gone on to develop brands I'm so proud of. I did it almost all by myself, with little money but a strong tenacity to succeed. 

Im no ordinary girl but I know I've got what it takes.



My strongest interests are building brands (from scratch) and music. It is my biggest obsession. I think building a business takes more creativity and work ethic than money. I also believe that I am a very talented song writer. Clearly I love fitness. I like pushing myself. At ages 18-23 I worked out almost everyday and I built a good muscular base for my body that makes for a very strong and sculpted physique, even when my diet isn't great.







I currently spend most of my time working on the growth of, and writing more music.