Do I have a writer?

Before I could dare call myself an artist/singer one thing was forsake; I am a damn good writer. That's something I've always been confident about. I've written more than 30 songs in the last couple of years and recorded about ten. I play to release most of them.

Written is an easy and enjoyable process for me and am proud to have written all my own songs.

Where and when it all began- Opening for Chamillionaire

Upon arriving to Montreal, Canada I began grade 8 in a french immersion should and my peers where from all corners of the world. I shared class with kids from Pakistan, Jamaica, Sierra Leone, Russia and many other countries. During lunch breaks we would often have dance off and sometimes rapping and singing competition to the price of applause and admiration. Seriously about being the best singer I could be, I entered the talent competition in Grade 9 and sang "Un-break my heart by Toni Braxton". Although I didn't do so well, I proved to myself that I can face my fears head on. 

Fast forward a couple of years later we had moved to Vancouver, British Columbia where I met a girl who gave me a 6 minute slot in her set to open for then superstar Chamillionaire who's record "Riddin' Dirty" was the hype.

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