About Ms Connie

"Connie is a young creator who's talents can be seen in her design work, music and inventions. This ball of energy doesn't stop and will continue to surprise you. Keep an eye on this one as she continues to break records and inspire others in her path." -Michael A.


 CONSTANCE 1989 The small but growing luxury brand

Constance 1989 products are designed in South Africa (inspired by the world) and made in different parts of the world according to skilled worksmanship.


CONNIE BOX initiative

The Connie Box initiative is a wonderful way to sample many of the products designed by Connie under different brands in fitness, wellness, beauty and fashion. Every item is the highest in quality made with love and attention.



"I love music and how it makes me feel. With a strong talent as a writer and a growing skill as a singer, I combine the two to make music amazing. The goal would be to tour the world sharing my music and products with people that love me or my arts"


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