Beckham (R420)

Beckham (R420)


Constance 1989 EYEWEAR is a collection of fashionable, light weight UV 400 sunglasses  to compliment your style. This style is a timeless and classic animal print that is essential in every eyewear collection. 


EFT payment:


Bank: FNB 

Account No.: 62566790567

Branch: 201510

Name: B. Groupe

Reference: Full Name 


Please send through your proof of payment, phone number, address and the following details:


Flo cup size: S/L

Panties: S/M/L

Hybrid: S/M/L

PRItea: only one option: 14 day supply.

Stevia sweetener: Natural/Coconut

Eyewear style: (according to availability)

Lipgloss: (according to availability)

Lashes: (according to availability)

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