Connie Box - #summerprep Restock R600

Connie Box - #summerprep Restock R600


This is the first edition of the Connie Box which includes products that are close to Connie's heart.




Bank: FNB

Account No.: 62566790567

Branch: 201510

Name: B. Groupe

Reference: Full Name

Please email your proof of payment of R600, Thermothin size selection, address and phone number to:


If you’re unsure of your size, send through 1-2 pictures of yourself with your POP.


Detox Slimming Tea

Tea is and will always be my first love. At age 23 I found myself battling crazy sugar cravings, chronic tiredness and struggling to find the energy to be a normal 23 yr old. I looked into the holistic healing of herbs and I then went on to create several blends for different purposes. This blend is 100% herbal, made in Canada and will clean you out, boost your mood, reset your appetite, lower blood sugar and increase energy.

Lose 1.5- 3kg's in 7 days

How to prepare:

Each tea bag= 3 liters of tea = 7 days.

Steep one bag of tea in 3 liters of hot water (or bring 1 liter of water to a gentle simmer for 20 minutes then add 2 liters of cold water). Cover the pot. Do not microwave. Store 3 liters in your fridge. Leave tea bag in the tea.

Drink two cups of tea per day, one in the morning on an empty stomach and one after lunch.

Mini Thermothin:

The Thermothin sweat belt is a the second most popular product from The product is meant to be worn during fitness to accelerate sweat equity to help you reach your flat tummy goals. These mini's come in size S,M,L. The mini's will not cover your whole core but rather a specific area such as the "kangaroo pouch/ love handles" or just below the bra line.


3D Faux Mink Lashes

Mink lashes are a step above what you find in your local drug store. This particular pair is a multi-layer textured set that looks dreamy. The pair you will receive is CEO (while supplies last). These lashes will give you that extra flair and can be worn on their own with a super light face beat.


Matte Lipstick

You will receive one of Connie Transform's best selling lipstick's and most likely in a summer shade that looks great on every skin tone. These lipsticks are long wear, matte and smudge free.



Some Connie Box's will come with a complimentary headband from Cobe Fit or a fruit tea from PRItea.



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